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Text Content Tools

The most absolute text editing tools now at your fingertips. Generate Lorem Ipsum dummy text, convert image to text, count words online, convert text to binary & binary to text or change text case.

KPImages came up with a unique and ultimate tools website where users can find a wide variety of online tools at their finger tip. We have integrated so many advanced online tools like

  • Advanced Image Cropping Tools where users can Flip Image, Rotate Image, Enlarge Image, Crop Image, Compress Image, Convert image from JPG to PNG, Convert Image from PNG to JPG, Convert Image from WEBP to JPG, Resize Image etc.
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator (To generate dummy Lorem Ipsium text content)
  • Case Converter (To convert sentences into Upper Case , Lower Case. Capitalize sentences and words)
  • Remove Line Breaks (To remove line breaks in a multi line text)
  • Text to Binary and Binary to Text converter
  • Image to Text Converter (It decodes text content and displays it separately)
  • Random Word Generator (To generate dummy and random words)
  • Image to Base64 and Base64 to Image converter


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