Woodland Mushroom
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Woodland Mushroom - Posted on 11/02/2007
While hiking in the woods the other day, I came across this colorful Omphalotus mushroom growing next to a dead tree limb, surrounded by a thick blanket of fallen leaves. I was unable to identify the exact species, but it comes closest to the Jack O'Lantern mushroom, which is poisonous.

I would like to thank everyone for all the kind comments that are being posted. I hope that each of you has a wonderful weekend! -- Kim

Exif: FUJIFILM FinePix S9100 | 1/100 sec | f 2.8 | ISO-100 | Flash-Not Fired


Comments (21)

  • Don - 11/02/2007, 8:32 pm

    Very nice; I've never seen one of those out here in the prairie. I like the colors.
  • Jean-Marc - 11/02/2007, 8:47 pm

    Waouhhhh.....gorgeous, powerful colors I like it, the pictures not the mushroom....
  • John Maslowski - 11/02/2007, 8:54 pm

    Wow, I've never seen such vivid colors in a mushroom. You really seem to know your mushrooms and plants. I can't tell one mushroom from another. Also, the details in your macro shot are just amazing. Great image!
  • Michael Rawluk - 11/02/2007, 9:50 pm

    Kim Kim Kim. That is gorgeous.
  • Nick - 11/02/2007, 10:41 pm

    Great colors and light!
  • sherri - 11/03/2007, 12:20 am

    What beautiful colors and shapes this has. Since the mushroom is so pretty, you're probably right in thinking it's poisonous. What a nice Autumn photo.
  • Josef Renklint - 11/03/2007, 4:28 am

    Amazing colors! Nice capture, indeed.
  • Angry Buddha - 11/03/2007, 9:37 am

    Love, love, love the colors!
  • Steph - 11/03/2007, 1:32 pm

    This one is lovely Kim, fantastic colors and composition
  • Harald - 11/04/2007, 4:33 pm

    Another stunning picture with great colors. Very well done !
  • makoto - 11/05/2007, 6:42 am

    wild plants are beautiful and strong. this one gives such feel. nice shot, Kim.
  • John Piercy - 11/05/2007, 6:56 am

    Hi Kim ,, wow such incredible colors and detail . I need to do a hike like this . This is close by your place , lucky you . Thanks for sharing this . Have a great week. jp
  • Frank - 11/05/2007, 7:15 am

    Beautiful colourtones and great sharpness.
  • jelb - 11/05/2007, 7:58 pm

    Bonjour, very nice colors..great details..Bravo!
  • Matthias Pabst - 11/06/2007, 4:54 pm

    A nice find with wonderful colors!
  • Amy - 11/07/2007, 5:07 pm

    I can't say anything better than the others have said, but have to at least echo this: Great colors!!! The colors and textures are 3D ... really, really nice.
  • Dave - 11/07/2007, 7:14 pm

    It is an interesting and artful study.
  • Judith Polakoff - 11/08/2007, 10:25 am

    Wow, I'd love to come across one of those in my neck of the woods! The colors really are stunning, so wonderfully saturated without looking over the top. A lovely autumn image!
  • james - 11/08/2007, 7:58 pm

    Now THAT'S color! Fantastic hues throughout the pic!
  • Diane - Daily Walks - 11/12/2007, 3:59 pm

    Quite stunning, Kim. I like the soft lighting combined with the vivid color.
  • Martin Gommel - 11/16/2007, 8:46 am

    Great use of light and colours ! Love the angle in here, too !